If you need us to help you on your agile journey, please let us know.

We don't provide full time agile coaches, in fact; we're not convinced that this is an effective way to acheive true agility based around self-organising, motivated teams. This is because:

  • It is expensive, particularly for smaller companies.
  • It may not result in the desired outcome as teams rely on the coach to direct them rather than figuring out their own best way.
  • Right from its inception, the role of a Scrum Master/Agile Coach is to "make themselves redundant" once teams become self-managing. This will never happen with a full time coach!

So, we prefer a model where we come in to your organisation, explain and demonstrate agile and lean concepts (using the simulations), discuss what may or may not work where, and co-create a way for you to move forward in your agile journey.

Then we leave you to it!

For as long as necessary - and only that long - we'll come back at intervals and review your success, maybe offer further advice and discuss changes. But, if you're transformation is to be a success, it has to emerge from your organisation's culture and people, not from us imposing some silver-bullet framework.

Agile is a lot simpler, and a lot cheaper to implement, than you might think; contact us to find out more...